Small Axe Series Mangrove (R) ★★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Network Podcast

Hi Carl, many of us know of our racial history here in the United States. The movie “Mangrove” centers on the racial discrimination in London’s Notting Hill area in the 70s. It is a terrific … Read more

Rock Camp: The Movie (PG-13) ★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Podcast

Hey Carl, I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen Ringo Star and his All-Star Band perform, tonight I’m going to review the film “Rock Camp: The Movie” that was inspired by Ringo’s tour promoter, David … Read more

Cobra Kai (PG-14) ★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Podcast (Seasons 1-3)

February 6, 2021, Cobra Kai- Season 1, 2, 3 (PG-14)

Hi Carl, tonight I’m going to review the Netflix Series that everyone’s talking about, “Cobra Kai,” it’s based on the 1984 movie “The Karate Kid,” … Read more

The Dig (PG) Hollywood 360 Radio Network Podcast ★★★½

Hello Carl, here’s an old fashioned and charming film with an English coastal countryside setting in 1939. “The Dig (2021)” is a film by Australian director Simon Stone. It has been playing in theaters and … Read more

The Donut King (PG) Hollywood 360 Radio Network Podcast ★★★½

Hi Carl, have you ever wondered why there are hundreds of doughnut shops in Southern California? Tonight, I’ll be reviewing the documentary film “The Donut King” that tells the story of Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian … Read more

Love Sarah ★★★ Hollywood 360 Radio Podcast

Hi Carl, tonight I’m reviewing a film that is a dessert lover’s delight. “Love Sarah” is a British romance film centering on a daughter’s dream to open a bakery in memory of her late Mom … Read more