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Meet the Patels (PG) by Patty Babin


Geeta, Ravi, and  Vasant Patel during a Q&A after the pre-screening of ‘Meet the Patels’ Landmark Theater Chicago Photo Credit: Patty Babin



Ravi Patel stars in ‘Meet the Patels’ Photo Credit: Alchemy

Chicago’s Landmark Theater Pre-screening of Meet the Patels Event Huge Success!

Meet the Patels a documentary, held a pre-release screening on Wednesday, September 9 at the Landmark Century Theater to a full house in Chicago. Brother and sister team, Ravi and Geeta Patel direct and also have screenplay credit. This documentary is unique as it has a romantic comedy flavor that draws you closer to the Patel family and their idiosyncrasies. As an avid film buff and member of the Midwest Independent Film Festival, I was asked by Sarah Knight Adamson to cover this event.

Meet the Patels has an 88 minutes run time, is filled with priceless, humorous and endearing moments centering on a families quest to find the perfect lifetime partner for their son. The interactions between the family members are hilarious, and I found myself cheering inwardly for a fairy-tale ending, along with the audience who displayed laughter and emotion as well. I know for a fact that I am glad that I have met the Patels and spent this time enjoying their story. I am hoping for a holiday invite!

Ravi Patel, an Indian-American, is approaching the age of 30 and is on a timely, pressured quest to find a wife to meet his parent’s high expectations. Ravi would rather find a woman in a normal American way, but his family has a different “system” on how this should be accomplished. As stated in the film, “the Patel’s are hardcore,” and “marriage is a business!” The Patel name in India is a culture in itself. They stick together and thrive to marry within the name. Ravi is torn between his American ideals and honoring his family’s need to carry his parent’s Indian culture forward in America. The journey Ravi endures to find the perfect wife highlights the intricate dynamics of his Indian family. However, you may find that these characteristics are not just indicative of their culture but possibly yours as well. His parents, Champa, and Vasant, will make you feel right at home with their loving, opinionated ways. You may actually learn a thing or two. The execution is brilliantly funny and heartfelt.

Ravi and Geeta Patel were in attendance along with their father, Vasant Patel for the QA. They were asked how long it took to make the film and about their creative process. Ravi and Geeta developed the idea while on a plane flying to India for a wedding. They talked about the fact that no one has told the story about the importance and the ideas of marriage in their culture along with the expectations.

Over the six years, it took to complete the documentary they never worried about how deep they were delving into the Patel family. They let the film unfold on its own which ended up not only telling a story about an Indian family and its culture but one about family in general.

When asked about the interesting framing of the film, they shared that the home video feel was not deliberate. It was due to the lack of camera operating experience they each possessed. Interestingly enough, this is what makes it real and close to the heart. They address this in the beginning of the film.

Two audience members Thomas Graham and Maddy Fick of Chicago who are avid documentary fans shared this statement concerning the film, “No matter what your background is, there is a universal message of family, love and relationship!”

Meet the Patels opens at the Music Box Theater Friday, Sept. 11 (Vasant Patel will be in attendance for Q&A on Friday) and the Barrington AMC 30.

Patty Babin© September 10, 2015

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